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of earth, wind, fire and water

Or, an open letter to my husband on the eve of our eighth wedding anniversary

Guy Browning, in Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade, tells us that:

celebrations require the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water: the air is in the balloons, the fire is in the candles, the water is in the champagne and the earth is what they cost.

In our eight years of marriage, there have been numerous celebrations (all encompassing affairs complete with balloon bouquets, face-painting, fabulous cheese plates, sexy cocktails, tuxedos, rhinestones, laughter, and animal carcasses roasted over open flames); we’ve also had our fair share of earthly adventures (Greece, Italy, Cook Islands, Hawaii, Arizona, Mexico) and well, everyone that’s been a guest at our home, knows that our danger bar has a well-stocked assortment of spirit water (each with a different cask strength.)

To write that our life together is an adventure, is not only a cliché but an understatement. We are fully in the dance, dancing - living, loving, traveling, learning, debating - fully immersed in what our good friend Zorba calls “the full catastrophe” And he would agree that our biggest accomplishment is becoming parents to our strong-willed and spirited bright star, EM.

In our eight years together, we’ve lived in three homes, sold tea-cups on e-bay, endured the loss of mama to dementia, and our beloved Aunt Barb to cancer. Through it all, we’ve maintained our sanity and kept our sense of humour.

It’s true, that despite our best efforts, our home will remain beautifully chaotic due to our love of books, technology, gadgets, clothes, shoes, movies, art and antiques.

We’ve created a welcoming space for our friends and family and a warm, animated, comfortable and creative space for our little one.

And through all these changes, we’ve managed to hang onto our orange tabby, Alistair.

Yes, it’s our love, our marriage, our partnership that makes this crazy kaleidoscope possible (over 6,000 digital photos)

It’s impossible to imagine life without you, without us, without our chicken, so I won’t.

While I may not always adequately express my gratitude; you are my one true star, my partner in this dance of life, of love.

We are blessed. And so, on the eve of our wedding anniversary, I say thank you.

Efharisto agape mou, XINE

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