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The Resurrection of Spring

yellow branch.jpg

tree buds.jpg

purple hedge.jpg

purple flower.jpg

magnolia close up.jpg


anemone close up.jpg

Our garden has come back to life with a riot of colours: pinks, purples, yellows and green. Our majestic magnolia stands out, a bridegroom, dressed head to toe in white. These photos were taken yesterday after the Agape Service for Pascha.

Christos Anesti. Alithos Anesti.

Nature bows before Christ and rejoices in his resurrection. For our little family, it’s a reminder that for “everything there is a season.” We are thawing out, stretching our limbs and minds. And rejoicing in the arrival of Spring.

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Excellent work on this article. It should help a lot of new users.

Gorgeous site. I'm a newbie so if you don't mind some questions about your set-up i'd love to chat.

Wow, such gorgeous flowers in your garden, XINE! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

I hope life is treating you and your loved ones well! Happy Spring, my friend, and hugs.

Beautiful photos!..we've got a while before we get to see this here in northern Canada..so looking for some green here!

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