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10 questions

It’s way past my bedtime. In trying to find the “sweet spot” for chicken scratch, I came across these ten questions. While some of the questions are geared towards marketing/merchandising blogs (and don’t really apply to me) - they do serve as good jumping off point for discussion. Do I really know what chicken scratch is about? Do I really know what I want it be? The only way to know is to start writing until the answers become clear … to be con’t …

1. Who are your primary and secondary targets for your blog?

2. What do you want to tell them?

3. Do you understand what the key informational needs of the audience are?

4. Are you reading other blogs on that topic, and ones targeting your customers and prospects?

5. If you are reading, are you leaving comments that add to the online conversation on the blogs you cover?

6. Do you have a firm grasp on the types of keywords to focus on that would be relevant to your blog?

7. Do you follow those keywords on Technorati and Google Blog Search? Do you have alerts set up around those keywords at Google Alerts? (or possibly even use a reputation management system?)

8. Can you commit to blogging at least two-to-three times per week? (consistency is key, based on the expectations you set with your audience)

9. What is your ultimate goal in starting a blog? In one year from when you start blogging, how will your life be different?

10. Are you looking at blogging as a challenge or something that could be fun?

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Those are all very good questions for a blogger to ask herself. Thanks for listing them, my friend! I'm still blogging, but I am putting a lot more of my energy into my writing; as a result, I often don't know what to say on my blog anymore! :)

Sending best wishes and big (((((((((hugs)))))))).