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The SNL parody

There’s no question; the presidential race has eclipsed the federal election taking place on October 14 across the country. How can Dion, Harper and Layton compete with Palin?

Why the Palin parody on SNL has generated such media interest is simple. According to Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic:

the amazing thing is that a whole section of the script was directly transcribed from Palin’s actual attempted interview with Katie Couric

From the excerpts of the recent interview with Katie Couric I’ve seen, I would have to agree.

Our federal election is so bland compared to our neighbour’s. We too worry about climate change. We too are concerned with health care and the economy. But none of the election platforms have seemed to gain much traction.

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Hi, XINE! Sarah Palin -- in a word: *shudder*.

I hope you're doing well. I've been deep into a writing project, and I'm sorry it's been a while since I visited!

Sending best wishes and hugs to you and yours.