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A challenge: to think like a fool

Since we moved in our new home in the middle of February, I have been immersed in beautifying and organizing our lovely nest. All my creativity and energy has been focused on my domestic responsibilities, leaving very little time to devote to chicken-scratch and my writing. And so, I begin today with a new creative strategy. For the rest of the week, I am going to THINK LIKE A FOOL. It’s spring and it’s time to shake things up around here.


Image courtesy of: Creative Whack Pack

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Hee, I like that -- "think like a fool!" I could use that spirit, too. It's easy to pressure myself while writing my WIP, and what I need to do is just relax and have fun with it. Let my hair down, don't worry so much. It's a rough draft, for Pete's sake! :)

Sounds like you're enjoying your new home -- how fabulous! I'm glad you're having fun. :) I'm still hiking, and hiking has a wonderful effect on my creative energy.