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Thursday Thirteen # 33 - An obstruction of dons, a melody of harpists and other such phrasings . . .


Continuing my recent fascination with the names of things, I bring you thirteen MORE collective nouns for this week’s Thursday Thirteen.

1. An obstruction of dons

2. A talent of gamblers

3. A galaxy of governesses

4. A conjunction of grammarians

5. A herd of harlots

6. A melody of harpists

7. An observance of hermits

8. A neverthriving of jugglers

9. A banner of knights

10. An eloquence of lawyers

11. An illusion of magicians

12. A cortege of mourners

13. An illusion of painters

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These are always so odd...I wonder why, because they so seldom bear any resemblance to the thing described.

Same with the animal ones. An unkindness of ravens...what's that supposed to mean? *grin*

I have two TT13s this week:

Better decluttering through TT13

Calistoga, California for RVers

If those aren't genuine, they certainly should be! Great list!

Hmm... all these seem very interesting, but to be honest I'm a bit lost... what are collective nouns?

Are they for real? I once spent a few hours looking into these and was amazed at how odd some of them are. I'm bleary-eyed and going to bed. My 13 will have to wait till the morning.

I do believe we are feeling the effects of the globe warming up.

Hadn't you already posted the talent of gamblers? I remember seeing it...

At any rate, I'm still digging these (and paying attention, too!). Keep 'em coming!