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Friday Linky-love

Want a fun way to expand your vocabulary and donate rice to charity? Then play the word game at: www.freerice.com

Have some time to shamelessly eavesdrop on New Yorker’s conversations? Be endlessly entertained and horrified: www.overheardinnewyork.com

Didn’t get that puppy for Christmas? Check out: I do dog tricks

Need to escape the dreary and cold December weather? Place yourself in the middle of this scene:


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What nifty links! Thanks for sharing. :)

I wish you and yours a wonderful New Year in 2008 -- all the best, and much love, laughter, and joy!

You are such a warm and wonderful person, and a talented and thoughtful writer. I'm so glad we're friends! I'm sending big hugs, and my kitties send warm and fuzzy purrs. :)