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Read: Apologies All Around

From the American Scholar, an article by Gorman Beauchamp writing about today’s tendency to make amends
for the crimes of history.

My favorite apology so far, however, appeared in a brief Reuters account. “Villagers of the tiny settlement of Nubutautau [Fiji] wept as they apologized to the descendants of a British missionary killed and eaten by their ancestors 136 years ago,” the news agency reported. “The villagers and the relatives of the missionary, the Rev. Thomas Baker, were taking part in a complex ritual intended to lift a curse the locals say has caused an extended run of bad luck.” A cow was slaughtered and kisses given to the 11 relatives of the missionary by the village chief, Ratu Filimoni Nawawabalavu, “a descendant of the chief who cooked the missionary.” No word on whether the curse lifted.

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That is precious in a way.

Political correctness or fear of the curse. Who knows.

Thanks for this. I always find something here which I am unlikely to find anywhere else.

Funny in a gruesome way.