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a kaleidoscope of butterflies and an ostentation of peacocks

More peculiar names for groups of animals, insects and invertebrates. Did you know:

• a group of apes is called a shrewdness

• one of barracudas a battery

• one of monkeys a troop

• one of butterflies a kaleidoscope

• one of owls a parliament

• one of peacocks an ostentation

• one of cobras a quiver

• one of penguins a rookery

• one of eagles a convocation

• one of jellyfish a smack

• one of goldfish a troubling

• one of sharks a shiver

• one of porcupines a prickle

• and, a group of zebras are called a zeal.

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I came up with one a while back:

"a cuddle of cats."


Love them all, especially "a prickle of porcupines"!