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Thursday Thirteen # 32: a collection of collective nouns, thirteen to be exact


In keeping with the recent trend of naming groups of things, I bring you a sampling of colourful collective nouns. Feel free to add your own!

1. A group of academics is a faculty

2. One of aldermen is called a bench

3. Of arsonists, a conflagration

4. Of Barmen, a promise

5. A group of boys is called a blush

6. Of barbers, a babble

7. A bevy or galaxy of beauties

8. A goring of butchers

9. A sneer of butlers

10. A group of capitalists are called a syndicate

11. A school of clerks

12. And a shrivel of critics

13. Finally, at least for this week’s Thursday Thirteen: A stalk of foresters.

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A gaggle of gals.

Great list. Some of those must be a bit fanciful, to say the least!

I love collective nouns -- and the more colorful the better! :) Those are wonderful!

Very cool, Xine. A blush of boys, huh? I could have used that today...

All-in-all, I think I'd prefer a stalk of celery.


So educational!! and all I did was compile a list of bad movies you shouldn't watch!
Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend!
What would a group of bloggers be called?