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40 things about me: part two

For part one, go here.

21. I am an online news junkie. Much of my inspiration for my writing comes from stories like this one: brides for dead men.
22. I enjoy finding the connections between things and discovering the relationship between disparate ideas. I am drawn to religious symbols and archetypes - particularly the lives of Saints.
23. I am superstitious, believe in karma and the evil eye.
24. I used to keep a dream journal.
25. I am terrified of roller coasters.
26. I’ve always wanted to learn how to fly a plane.
27. I love the ocean and have always lived close to the water.
28. I have a deep fascination with both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.
29. Kingdom of Heaven is one of my favourite movies.
30. I used to be terrified of Halloween.
31. Ofra Haza is one of my favourite singers. I never tire of watching Prince of Egypt with EM as Ofra is the voice of Moses’ mother.
32. I can’t wait to take EM to Disneyland (the one in Anaheim, Ca).
33. I am also drawn to the desert. I love spending time in Arizona and New Mexico.
34. I would love to spend an extended sabbatical in Greece: writing, exploring, relaxing and truly living the Greek way - like my old friend, Alexis Zorba.
35. Freida Kahlo’s life and art move me deeply. I am especially drawn to this painting:


36. I applied to attend and was accepted into the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. My parents wanted me to go to a traditional university and so I did. Surprisingly, I took no art studio classes while at Uni. My degree is in English Lit.
37. I was the yearbook editor in high-school. In my final year, I spent most of my free time in the darkroom.
38. I would be happy in an atelier or studio, creating my own beautiful objects without interference from the noisy outside world.
39. Life without beauty is my idea of hell.
40. My last name in Greek means “one who is crowned.”

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I love reading the little pieces about bloggers. The little pieces which help make up a much larger picture than I start out with.

Wow, what a wonderful list, my friend. I learned a lot about you. The Freida Kahlo painting is beautiful. I love the women's clasped hands.

Your number 36 is parallel to my experience in many ways -- as a child and a teenager, I was being groomed to be a concert pianist, and I still love to play and I've written a number of songs and instrumental pieces. And like you, when I went to college, I majored in English! :)

Hugs, and thank you for sharing!