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Still at work, so no Thursday Thirteen this week . . .

where I'd rather be.jpg

We have a saying here at work: EMBRACE THE SUCK

It helps keep us laughing and motivated through our 12 hours days. And there have been a lot of those 12 hours days these past two weeks. Things should get back to normal by mid-October. (Fingers and toes crossed.)

And the photo above? WELL IT’S MY HAPPY PLACE. It’s where I’d rather be RIGHT NOW.

Well, things will eventually get better because Dev, the chicken and I will be heading off to the lush, tropical, pampering paradise that is KAUAI. And, did I mention where we’re staying?

So, if you’re participating in Thursday Thirteen, drop me a note and I’ll visit you in the coming days! I’m always interested in learning new things and catching up with my blogging buddies and friends.

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Your happy place is very nice! I did a TT this week but it's Japanese snacks, maybe not the best thing to see when you're dieting. ;P

Hello!!! Just checking if you TT was up, so i'm letting you know that my TT is up @ thenononsense.blogspot.com

Embrace the suck. I like that!

Good luck on your diet, but I'm sure you'll look fine in your tankini. You can always do what I do... cover it up with board shorts!

(and of course I'm thirteening. When don't I?)