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Are we there yet?

In the last 10 days, people searching (googling) for the following have been led to chicken-scratch. Some connections leave me scratching my head and asking - are we there yet?

1. in memoriam (OK, I do have a number of entries that deal with death, dying and memory)

2. christine needs (To find the time to start writing/blogging regularly)

3. cows of Zurich pictures (Who knew that the cow exhibit I am so fond of has traveled to Zurich too?)

4. chicken races (Do chickens race?)

5. duty free schipol (Ah, yes, our trip to Europe almost 2 years ago now)

6. lessons from mom (I think of my mom everyday and can hardly believe that she’s been gone for 8 months)

7. action speaks louder but pen mightier contradict (I guess someone is learning Latin/Greek maxims?)

8. father gave me an enema (?????)

9. names of the research and their opinions about punctuation marks (I guess people spend their lives dedicated to punctuation usage and its influence on our culture?)

10. gossie stuffed (I’m guessing someone wants to learn how to cook a goose, or are they solely interested in taxidermy?)

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