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Thursday Thirteen # 22 - There's a nym/name for it


For this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I bring you 13 words containing the root “nym,” which comes from the Greek onoma meaning name.

1. acronym : word formed from initial letters of another word

2. allonym : other person’s name used by an author

3. autonym : a writer’s real name; work published under writer’s own name

4. caconym : wrongly derived name

5. eponym : personal name from which another name is derived

6. euonym : a pleasing or beautiful name

7. exonym: name for a town or country in a foreign language

8. heteronym: word having same spelling but different sound and meaning

9. metonymy: figurative use of word to name an attribute of its subject

10. metronymy: system of naming after the mother’s or female line

11. onymous: bearing the author’s name

12. paedonymic: name taken from one’s child

13. patronym: name derived from father’s name

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Cool idea for the list, Xine! I didn't know some of those definitions had their own word -- but it makes sense that they do.

How many of those did you know? My score was pretty low.

What a great idea for your list! I just learned several new words, so thanks!

Wordnerd posts are my favorite kind!

Eponym is a great word.

antonym of a word is a word which means the opposite. Quite opposite from synonym/i>.
But that was too easy LOL
Great list!

Great list, most were new to me. Always glad to learn new things. Happy TT.
P.S. Loved the picture above the linky.

What a neat idea for a TT! Some of those words I wasn't familiar with, and I love learning new words.

Thanks as always for an enlightening and enjoyable TT! Hugs to you, my friend!