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Thursday Thirteen # 20 - 13 random blogs I enjoy


In an effort to break-through

my writer’s block (!)

, I visit tons of blogs on a semi-regular basis. The thirteen below range from

the literary to the risqué.

The list is by no means exhaustive, it’s just mean to give you a glimpse into how I spend my time when I’m not visiting other Thursday Thirteeners!

Which blogs do you frequent?

1. Margaret Cho - Comedienne and actress

Margaret Cho

uses her blog to post long entries on everything from politics to music to her new tattoo.

2. Boing Boing - a directory of

wonderful things

3. Bookslut - Jessica Crispin oversees a

constant stream

of reviews, interviews and industry news.

4. Old Hag - Arts and culture,

book reviews


5. Post Secret - An ongoing community art project. People mail in their secrets and they’re posted anonymously. Often used as

a writing prompt


6. Dooce - Famously fired for maintaining a blog, Heather Armstrong consistently wins accolades for her


and writing.

7. Greek Tragedy - Stephanie Klein’s running commentary on her dating life got her a book deal for

“Straight Up and Dirty.”

She’s now married, no longer living in New York and is a new mom to two beautiful twin babies.

8. Huffington Post - Part news aggregator and part group blog, Arianna Huffington’s blog features entries from the likes of John Cusack,

Norman Mailer

, and more.

9. Life Hacker - Computer downloads, websites,


: all designed to make life easier.

10. A Beautiful Revolution - Andre is a minimalist. His

elegant line drawings

and precise comments/observations on life - are jolts of electricity.

11. Mental Floss - “you know you can

feel smart


12. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Ree is plowing through life in the country and describes herself as a desperate housewife who channels

Scarlett O’Hara, Ethel Merman, and Sylvia Plath


13. The Saddest Thing I Own - Ongoing net art project, similar to Post Secret. ” A collection of

life’s saddest objects

, their sad stories, and our reasons for holding onto these sad things.”

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Oh, I love Margaret Cho - will have to check these all out when I have some time!

Wow, I almost missed your TT, too -- it's marvelous! Thanks for that great list. Looks like I've got some wonderful new blogs to acquaint myself with!

Oh, I love Margaret Cho, and had no idea she had a blog! Thanks!

Neat list, Xine! I know a lot of these but don't read them (probably should), but not all of them. All are at least worth an investigation, huh?

great list of new blogs Xine! I just added a ridiculous number of new links to my nav of new blogs i've found that have me riveted.

Hey sweetie! I was missing your wonderful TT! Brilliant as usual...I should check out these blogs to help with my writers block, too! =)