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List # 21 - Unconscious Mutterings


Playing along with Luna this sunny Sunday morning: she says and I think …

  1. Situation :: Uncomfortable
  2. Theme song :: Anthem
  3. Kelly :: Bag
  4. Club :: Country
  5. Swerve :: Bend
  6. Couch :: Recline
  7. Bigfoot :: Myth
  8. Arbitrary :: Rule
  9. Inventor :: Alexander Graham Bell
  10. Blazer :: Uniform

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hmmm - where are you?

She's taking the world by storm? Girl in photo.

Hey sweetie!!! I loved the pic and the words. I missed you XINE!! I am back now, and hopefully will get back to normal this week. =) My pitch went well so now I need to polish up my book for submitting! I am so excited. I hope you've been well hon? =) All my best.

Good inventor! It looks like most have said Edison.

Yay for Kelly Bag LOL Sorry for not visiting you often, Christine... Anyway, do you have a Facebook? If so, add me there, k? :)