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And the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award Goes to . . .


Last week, the wonderful, intelligent and subversive Miss Frou bestowed the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award to me. Proud to be included in such a tribe, I immediately posted the button on my sidebar and then … spent the next week deliberating who the award should go to next.

Here’s what Miss Frou said about me:

Xine: - Queen of the short but powerful blog post. Her writing is just magical, and she has the best linkage between words and images that I’ve ever seen.

Here are my top picks for this rockin’ award:

1. Dewey from the Hidden Side of A Leaf. In the relatively short time that she’s been blogging, Dewey has created a dynamic community of book lovers. Her site is a hub of activity. She created the blogroll game and has hosted a number of carnivals. She really knows her books. I can always count on Dewey for an honest, articulate assessment of what’s going on in the book world. Visiting her site makes me feel really smart …

2. Red from Red Garnier’s Red Pages. Red has introduced me to the world of romance and erotic writing. A talented, published author and a gentle soul, Red’s blog is a place to go hang out, have fun and learn a thing or two about hot lovin’. Have you read Spin Devil yet? If not, you better hurry because Spin it Again, will be released on July 4th. And yes people, there will be fireworks!!!

3. Colleen from Loose Leaf Notes. I always enjoy visiting Colleen’s space. She’s a poet and deeply spiritual person. Her writing is crystal clear. She’s also intelligent, witty and enjoys life to the fullest. I visit Colleen whenever I need to be transported to a magical place full of wonder and joy.

Dewey, Red and Colleen - YOU ROCK! You each have made my blogging experience memorable, worthwhile and meaningful. Thank you!

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Subversive, lol... I love it!

Thank you!! Wow, you make me sound like such an organizer! I should start my own cult. One that involves people giving me large amounts of money. There must a lot of rich people who want to feel smart, right?

Christine, I was missing you. And OMG, THANK YOU for this award!! I feel so loved this week! Gotta go gloat about it to my blog now...lol! =)

That's a great compliment to wake up to. Thanks, Christine. I like the title of this award too. I'll be back when I can to check the other blogs you mentioned, although I know I've visited them both before. Being on vacation and out of my regular element has made it hard for me to visit others. I'll be back! Rock on!