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Thursday Thirteen # 16: There's a word for it


The English language has a host of words to describe our fears, some of them more familiar than others. For this week, I bring you 13 phobias that piqued my interest.

1. Oneirophobia: fear of dreams

2. Ornithophobia: fear of birds

3. Ouranophobia: fear of heaven

4. Octophobia: fear of the number 8


5. Oikophobia: fear of home surroundings

6. Onomatophobia: fear of hearing a certain word or of names

7. Ophidiophobia: fear of snakes

8. Opiophobia: fear of prescribing needed pain medications for patients

9. Ochlophobia: fear of crowds or mobs

10. Odontophobia: fear of teeth or dental surgery

11. Pagophobia: fear of ice or frost

12. Pantophobia: fear of everything

13. Paraskavedekatriaphobia: fear of Friday the 13th


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Quite a few things I didn't realize I should fear :)

Fear of Heaven? Now that's f---ed up! ;)

Pagophobia: fear of ice or frost

I'm Canadian, I'd be screwed! And LOL with the chicken picture!

Those were all so interesting. Great T13!
I have #9. I really freak out when there are too many people around me. :o)

What a great list, I love learning new words! Of course I won't be able to remember most of them, but hey something is better than nothing... I better shush, great TT!!!

I have a fear of birds but that's because of the movie "The Birds"

I definitely relate to #7 and #9, and #10! Even though I worked as a paramedic for years and saw as many gruesome things as you can imagine, I cannot stand to see someone have a tooth pulled! I'd faint dead away if I ever had to observe a dentist. I couldn't even watch my little girls pull their wiggly teeth. :) Strange, eh? Thx for your visit this week! Great list and very interesting!

*dying of laughter @ fear of internet trolls* Been to any SOE forums lately? Yikes.

I'm intrigued by Pantophobia.

I have #7's fear! EEEEWWWW!

Those were interesting!

fear of prescribing medicine - boy, that's put a crimp in a doctor's practice. what's fear of worms? that's mine. total phobia with that one.

Excellent list. Aren't fears a beautiful thing? Or at least words.


Loved the cartoon at the end!
Funny you had this list up when I just had a conversation with my son about his ghost phobia. Now I just have to go google it and get the correct name.
Interesting list!

ROFLMAO! LOVED the cartoon ;-)

I am proud to say I am no longer afraid of trolls. Even the ones on the Internet.

Odontophobia - think I am...I just canceled oral surgery...for now. I panicked.I'm new to TT, come visit my site.

This is very insightful, Christine. Also a book potential right here, give one of these weaknesses to the antagonist. LOL! Loved it!!

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

I've seen the TT around but didn't make the jump until now. I really enjoyed writing that list, some good memories. I have written a post with a slide show of my new home. I thought of adding it to my 13 after I posted but it was 2:30am and I was pooped! But, I've added it now if you'd like to see the before and afters.

Fun 13 you've shared! Well, perhaps not as fun for those who suffer from them. I couldn't say half those words, especially #13!

Take care.

So many things to be afraid of that it makes me wonder if there is a coresponding fear to every thing!

My son made up a new word, mentioned in my 13, which was put up without any nails or screws.

My son had to come up with list list for school -- wish I would have had yours!!

I'm guilty of arachnaphobia....yeah, even though I'm a man.

What? Every man has some faults!

What a great list... I don't like spiders but wouldn't say I'm phobic.. the dentist on the other hand!

Happy T13.

Aren't people weird? That we have so many phobias we need technical terms :)

Oh my god. I don't know which I find more worrying: the fact that there are so many things people can be afraid of, or the fact that there are apparently enough people crazy enough to fear all this stuff to warrant a clinical name for their craziness. Scary!

Very intersting list. Nice clipart!

I don't understand how someone can be afraid of # 8?


These are REALLY good. Thanks for the interesting list.
Sadly - I have about 6 of these phobias...

hehehe, those were great! Some I'd never seen before. I'm especially fond of "Paraskavedekatriaphobia" -- what a word! And who knew there were words for fear of home surroundings or fear of hearing certain words!

Happy TT, my friend!

Wow, could you imagine being afraid of home surroundings? I love the comic for #13! Great list!

OH THANK YOU for not posting a photo of a spider. When you said phobias, I was sure I would see a spider photo here, and that would guarantee me nightmares tonight.

What? I'm fine. FINE I TELL YOU. Fine.

Ok, I can kinda see all of those except fear of the number 8. Wha?

Thanks for visiting me.

Fear of everything? Yeah, that about sums it all up. People have pretty weird fears, like one girl I know who, when she was little, was terrified of a certain news anchor. Go figure.

Happy TT, darling!

(ooh, the Stanley Cup just arrived!)

Neat list; can you imagine having some of these? I'm sort of intrigued by the possibilities.

Interesting list. I have a bit of the fear of dental surgery. But the fear of the number 8? Never heard of that one before.