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An eternal question . . .


Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Douglas Adams: Forty-two

Aristotle: To actualize its potential.

If you ask this question, you deny your own chicken-nature.

Salvador Dali: The Fish.

Einstein: Whether the chicken crossed the road or the road moved beneath the chicken depends upon your frame of reference.

The chicken didn’t cross the road; it transcended it.

Emily Dickinson:
Because it could not stop for death.

Goethe: The eternal hen-principle made it do it.

Hemingway:To die. In the rain.

David Hume: Out of custom and habit.

Timothy Leary:
Because that’s the only kind of trip the Establishment would let it take.

John Lennon: Imagine all the chickens crossing roads in peace.

Karl Marx: It was a historical inevitability.

Nietzsche: Because if you gaze too long across the Road, the Road gazes also across you.

For the greater good.

Jean-Paul Sartre: In order to act in good faith and be true to itself, the chicken found it necessary to cross the road.

Thoreau: To live deliberately and suck all the marrow out of life.

Mark Twain: The news of its crossing has been greatly exaggerated.

I may not agree with what the chicken did, but I will defend to the death its right to do it.

The possibility of “crossing” was encoded into the objects “chicken” and “road”, and circumstances came into being which caused the actualization of this potential occurrence.

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Oh this is a goodie!

Good point. We read into events the way we see life. Everything is a projection of sorts.

I would say "to find it's mother."

ROFL!! This are wonderful! I love the Hemmingway one. LOL!!

We like Albert Einstein's answer, he was dyslexic as well as my son. They play with the pictures in their heads, they can make the road move under the chicken...it's cool.

This I like. Don't have to overanalyze.

I want to pull that chicky off the road and bring him to my home. LOL!! This was an awesome, very enlightening post, Christine!!! And I love each and every answer, extremely representative of each different personality. Wow!

I'm debating whether I like the Voltaire one best, or Mark Twain, or just ALL of the above. Ha!