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Where It All Begins

The richest source of family history you could find anywhere in the world is the memory of your parents and your grandparents - memories that will tell you things you never knew or have long since forgotten about yourself … .The giving and the getting, the sense of belonging and contributing to something larger than yourself, to something that began before you were born and will go on after you die, can make it possible for you to accept life in a way that makes you wish the whole world could realize how easy it is to feel as you do, and wonder why they don’t.

~ Alex Haley

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Hi Christine!!

I totally agree!! My grandmother has the most amazing stories. It's a treat to sit down and talk to her about everything she did in her days, everything she knows. She's a very modern granny, I have to say. Only three years ago she was hopping behide my brother for a motorcycle ride!! =)

This quote helps me understand what you said about community and your parents.