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Thursday Thirteen # 14 - Snapshots from Ellas


In an effort to motivate myself and continue organizing the photos from our trip to Greece last May, I bring you 13 (more) of my favourite images.

If you happen to visit Athens, might I suggest a stroll through the First Cemetery. It is a deeply beautiful and serene place to escape the chaos of this dynamic metropolis.


Ideal and dearly beloved voices
of those who are dead
or of those who are lost to us like the dead.

Sometimes they speak to us in our dreams;
sometimes in thought the mind hears them.

And for a moment with their echo
other echoes return from the first poetry of our lives-
like music that extinguishes the far off night.


1. cemetary1.jpg

2. cemetary2.jpg

3. cemetary3.jpg

4. cemetary4.jpg

We did the usual sightseeing while in Athens, viewing the Acropolis and walking around Constitution Square.

5. yiayia on the acropolis.jpg

6. evsonemarching.jpg

Our chicken was 9 mos old; catnaps and frequent water breaks were part of the equation.

7. sleepingbabes.jpg

8. EM closeup.jpg

As a tourist, there are so many images to shoot: the doorways, the bougainvillea and the buildings - to list a few.

9. brokenwindow.jpg

10. salhaldeffsign.jpg

11. abandonedbeach.jpg

12. hyrdadoor.jpg

13. doordetail.jpg

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I know this is late for a TT visit but I was just visiting your Pink whispering poem and saw all the wonderful pics.

that one of the broken shutter moves me like a poem.

your Greece trip sounds absolutely amazing.

my TT was a Memorial Day tribute for my Dad.

Wow... great pics! I'd love to go to Greece...
Thanks for visiting my TT; sorry I'm this late in responding.

What gorgeous pictures! I think I would have been tempted to stay! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a very happy holiday weekend.

How did I miss your list yesterday, Christine! I love these pictures and Athens is on my wish list of places to visit someday.

Wow, what gorgeous pics! :)

Awesome photos. Thank you for sharing these with everyone. :)

Oh wow, this is fabulous!

Really beautiful pics. I love the one of your chicken, just adorable. Happy TT!


Oh, I'll have to show these to my husband! He has fond memories of a trip to Greece and loves statues, so he'll really like these.

Fabulous list..Love the pictures

Beautiful photos... That must have been a very memorable visit.

Oh wow! What beautiful pictures. Makes me want to go to Greece!

Happy TT, friend, and thanks for visiting mine!

The statues are heartbreakingly beautiful. As are the flowers and doorways. Lovely to place cemetaries/doorways/old woman/baby in the same TT.

There's nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby. I loved all these photo's thank you so much for sharing. Great TT!

Beautiful photos! Make me want to book a flight.

Very rich photos with an ancient thread...except for your baby who is a cherub! The scarves and elder lady all in black make me know I am someplace else.

Oh, clever T13 - love the photo's particularly of the cemetery... I love walking through cemeteries and imagining the lives now gone.

The contrast between the gorgeous statues in the cemetery and then the chipped paint and dilapidated window is amazing. Nice work, Xine!

So nice to see you at West of Mars again! Thanks for visiting!

Oh man, the cemetary pics are great! There's something about seeing how a people bury and respect their dead that pulls me in. And your little chick...what an exhausted cutie!

These are awesome. I love those pictures of the cemetary. Esp. two and three.

I ALMOST got to Greece (travel books bought, trip/cruise booked) then got 'surprised' with pregnancy and had to cancel. As yet, we've not found time to fit it in...

Thanks for the pics. Your angel is a cutie.

Beautiful photos! I love Greece, and have also spent time there...know what you mean about taking photos...there is so much beauty! I did photos for my TT this week also!

WOW! i love this post with all the pictures. Nice photography too.

Ah, I love it when you do pictures. There's a story in #9, I swear.

And whew! No traumatizing Sean Connery photo this time lol. Thanks for sharing these.

XINE, BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I love the third because the angel looks so tortured. The seventh is adorable! I think 9 and 11 are particularly artistic: great composition and colors. If I had to choose a favorite I'd have to go with N) All of the above. =)