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Tagged - 3 Things You Love Meme


Tagged by 1 Million Love Messages a couple of weeks ago for the “3 Things You Love” meme, I promised Mauro that I’d post my responses when the time was right. Well, there’s no time like the present, so here goes… Oh, and I’m tagging anyone who wants to play along!

The questions:

1- 3 Things You Love in your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend or Husband/ Wife

• I love my husband’s sense of humour, intelligence and ability to always see the good in others.

2- 3 Things You Love in a Friend

• Wisdom
• Integrity
• Loyalty

3- 3 Things You Love in a Book

• Credible characters
• Believable dialog
• Interesting story

4- 3 Things You Love in a Movie

• Beautiful cinematography
• Believable dialog
• Engaging script

5- 3 Things You Love in a Blog
• Creativity
• Authentic voice
• Frequent updates (especially those on my RSS feed)

6- 3 Things You Love to Talk About

• Sex, death and life in all its squishiness. Oh yes, God is in the mix too.

7- 3 Things You Love to do on Vacations

• Walk around the city, endlessly
• Shop, buying from local artisans
• Visit spaces and places of cultural significance

8- 3 Things You Love to Eat

• Sushi
• Pasta
• Great tender, juicy steak - medium rare please (like the fillet my husband barbecued this past Saturday evening)

9- 3 Things You Love to Happen in Your Life
• Book deal(s)
• Dream home
• Another baby …

And last but not least:

10- 3 Things You Love in 1 Million Love Messages

• The freedom of expression
• The positive, creative messages
• The overall message that love transcends all languages, cultures and boundaries

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Sweetie, that was beautiful!! You always speak so profoundly to me -why is that? hmm...

Ok my book will be almost ready for my super reader, hope you're ready, might even be before this weekend. Hahaha! Red

Xine, this was good. Love the 3 of Swords - I'm assuming this is a tarot card? Great imagery.

Hi there... great answers :)Thanks a lot for being part of 3 Things You Love Meme.
We'll keep in touch :)

Hee, I like medium-rare steak, too! And ahhh, I hear you on the book deal -- I wish, I wish. For both of us! :)

Very good answers for your meme of three. I enjoyed reading all of them. :)