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Anachorisis - Poetry Train Monday # 2

I spend this first evening in Greece
by my Father’s sea.

I watch stars scratch
at the darkness.

I pick up a small glass stone,
and gaze at the onioned moon.

Entangled with words,
and recollections - I learn,

On this night,
to not be greedy -

To leave some
family stories


Written: August 2001.

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Wonderful, Christine -- I love the calm, reflective feel of this piece.

that's funny........my father is in Greece as we speak......a Greek girl has married into the family.........excellent poem.........

That's a lovely poem. I treasure all the stories I've heard from my mom, my aunts and uncles... and my grandparents. Thank you for sharing!

I am one of those who wishes she knew more of the family's stories. And then I find out that my great-grandparents were survivors of a small town in Poland where the Jews were locked in a barn and the barn set on fire and you know what? You're right. Some stories are best left alone.

I love the idea of leaving some family stories unchallenged.

i really, really, REALLY like this line: "I pick up a small glass stone,
and gaze at the onioned moon." and love the concept behind this poem of allowing the "truthiness" of certain tales to remain intact.