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Of Punctuation Marks and Speaking Engagements

A couple of weeks ago, at a local literary event, I spoke about blogging and its love/hate relationship with writing. (Blogging as genre.) In preparation for the evening, the coordinator/emcee asked each member of the panel to comment on what type of punctuation marks we were. We could, if we chose, solicit feedback from friends, family and co-workers.

And so I did.

Below, in no particular order, are some of my favourite responses:

“You, Christine, are a colon. Unsung but vital, with little patience for waste.”

“If Christine were a punctuation mark, she would be a trema •• . Often confused with the harsher Germanic umlaut, the trema originates from the Byzantine Greek τρημα, meaning “perforation or orifice.” A little bit foreign, a little bit unusual, and a much classier way to add emphasis and distinction to a word than the common exclamation point. Like Christine, I associate tremas (and umlauts) with the names of fashion designers and expensive restaurants. “

An exclamation mark - It’s mostly owing to your fabulous shoes and bags which scream out wonderful things about your personality that are otherwise hidden by your serious, grown-up job.”

An exclamation mark! Full of punch, zing, and enthusiasm!”

“There’s nothing about you that indicates pause, or final moments. You’re about living life and loving it! You are an exclamation mark!

An exclamation mark! You are optimistic, glass half-full versus half-empty. You create fun and lightness.”

A semi-colon. Rare, seldom used, mysterious and of a higher order.”

A semi-colon because you’re always making connections of independent clauses that are so meant to be together.”

An ellipsis … creating space and never coming to a full stop.”

An ellipsis … because there’s always more.”

And, what type of mark did I choose?

The semi-colon as it’s is a wee bit sexy and equally controversial. If I could be used by Shakespeare and maligned by Kurt Vonnegut, like my friend the semi-colon, I would consider myself fulfilled.

What about you? What type of punctuation mark would you be and why?

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I like the way a question mark looks but I fear it might represent not knowing anything!

Great post. I would be a semi colon -- I always am a, but, what if ...

Love this post, Christine.I would have to say I am an exclamation mark - full of excitement, enthusiasm, and thirst for life.

I think my DH is - a period? He's so square! LOL!

this is FAB!! and i have no idea what kinda of punctuation i'd be - maybe an umlaut since it's a pain in the ass (to locate on the standard keyboard.)

What an interesting concept - I will now be looking at my friends and family with new eyes and thinking ....mmm nice apostrophe.