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A Lesson in Calligraphy - Poetry Monday # 1

When I was a little girl my father took on the task of improving my Greek. It didn’t matter that my mother had enrolled me in Greek school making sure I attended these evening classes religiously. “Christina” he would tell me, “it’s all well and good to learn about the past but what good will it do you if your hand-writing is sloppy. No one pays attention to what a chicken scratches. You want to make a difference in this world, learn to write beautifully.”

This is my first entry for Rhian’s Poetry Monday.

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I am ambidextrous, another word for "person with horrible penmanship".

Aloha...I've tagged you with questions! :-)))) Check out Blog-Blond for the details.

Hi Christine! I hope you don't mind but I tagged you with a meme Rhian tagged ME with . . . you need to write 8 wonderful things about you . . . and tag 8 people! =)


Did you ever try to learn a particular style of penmanship, like Spencerian? I had a teacher who insisted I learn to write with my right hand in first grade (I'm natuarally a lefty) and I found cursive writing to be designed more for right-handedness than left-handedness. I still can write with my right, but prefer my left-leaning, left-handed totally unique writing.

I love this, thanks for sharing. I remember in third grade I got an A in penmanship, it also took me two weeks to write a single page. I am known to be a bit of a perfectionist, but it didn't last long and I soon became known as having one of the worst handwriting in the class. I remember in middle school commenting with a teacher once after I took a test about how I did so good on it the handwriting was actually readable. LOL. My hand writing varies from day to day on legibility. But I do still hand write almost every day. I do most of my creative writing by hand. And once again, thanks for sharing.

my handwriting STILL sucks.......

Ooh, goodie! I'm not the only non-poet on the train!

So... how's your handwriting now that you're an adult?

I love this . . . made me start thinking and remembering . . .

My handwriting became worse the day I started typing on the keyboard....sigh...

This is an intriguing post, making me think about things that always worried me in school. =) Smart man, your dad.

My handwriting was so poor that I was often asked to re-write work at high school to make it legible. Of course these days I almost never hand write anything except notes to myself.

Although I still treasure the memory of my mother teaching me to write cursive style when she discovered they didn't do that at school any more.

I had absolutely horrid penmanship.. in fact, I still do. I just don't write anything by hand that anyone else sees these days.

I think it's really coold that you had someone pushing you like that. I wish I had spent more time studying French when I was growing up. Ah well...

I had a fourth grade teacher tell me my writing looked like chicken scratch. She said I was always writing in a hurry like I was afraid all the words would disappear before I got them out of my head. Such a foreshadow...

I love the duality of the last line! Clever humor. Welcome aboard the train!