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Thursday Thirteen # 10 - Cows on Parade


Milk the cow, but do not pull off the udder. ~Greek Proverb

Almost a year later, I have begun organizing the 1,702 photos we took during our European Adventure last May. We were in Greece during the launch of the Cow Parade art installation. This public exhibition in Athens featured 77 sculptures and ran from May through September 2006.

For this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I bring you 13 of my favourite images:

1. 168829090_3af7f79b20.jpg

2. 194694417_c80b4bd185.jpg

3. anorexianervosa.jpg

4. blackandfushia.jpg

5. butterflies.jpg

6. cowllywood.jpg

7. evzone.jpg

8. flowerpots.jpg

9. greekmyth.jpg

10. stockexchange.jpg

11. green floral.jpg

12. DSC_8828-big.jpg

13. DSC_8598-big.jpg

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Those are great photos. I think I like #6 the best.

I'm late because last week was a busy week...just wanted you to know I was in Zurich when these cows on parade were there too! Like you, I have lots of photos...loved your post! Happy Belated TT!

LOVE those photos!

The bench, the first and last were my favorites. I love to see what an artist will come up with next.

Love the cows! LOL! Great pictures. I've got you in my faves now!


This is GREAT!! i judged a painted horses event very similar to the cows a few years back for Aiken, SC which is a big horse town. It's still cool to see the horses in various places when i visit their city.

I love it...my 13 mentions cows too, but not in such an artistic way.

Great pic's:)

I prefer to decorate MY cows with BBQ Sauce !!!

Used to be able to see some fake cows on the way through Manchester on the train but since the city went vertical in the last couple of years there are buildings in the way now :-(

around here they do moose. They are so colorfully painted

I LOVE cows! Cows on Parade are my favorites. I collect anything bovine so of course I had to have the cows on parade peices

OMG, the cow on the bench reading the paper is phenomenal! Love it. Thanks for finding me and sharing.

I love those pics - I love cows!

woops, I meant the typical Greek costume...

Wonderful TT! love your pics, particularly nr. 7 with the typical Green costume!
happy thursday :)

Love the cows!

Thanks for visiting mine!

OMG! These are fabulous! *wg*

Awesome shots. I can sure relate to having trouble keeping up with and organizing digital photos. I'm so far behind on my own.

LOVE the cows. The red one with butterflies is my favorite.

Great photo thirteen! I love the reading cow.

Here's my three year old's current favorite joke:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Interrupting cow.

Now this is the funniest Thursday thirteen I have seen today.
I love it. Thanks for posting it.
I played this week for the 1st time also, though not as funny :)

Oh my gosh, how fun are those pics. I think I like the flower and butterfly one the best. Too cute!

I wanted to repost the correct URL, sorry. I just pasted what I had in my clipboard. DUH! LOL!

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I love the COWS! We had them here in NY a few years back. I don't know if they are the same ones. This year I saw some apples floating around, not as many as the cows though.

I love #4 & #7.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

why is it that I may be the only person in the world that finds this exhibit a little freakish?

What a hoot! I love #10, sitting down on the bench reading and #13, dapper in his silver hooves :-)

Great list!

This puts me in mind of the decorated moose we had around here. Wonderful photos.

Seriously cool cows. :)

Cool Beans, or should I say Cool Cows! So pretty. My favorite cows are the most colorful ones.

What a nifty TT! And thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Fantastic photos!

Cows! This is the first photo-thirteen I've seen. I like the last one best. He's dignified!


We had some of those (and horses) in New Mexico. I think they are neat. :) I have a tiny one = affordable.

Well here they have Hokie birds all dressed up. In Nags Head it was horses with wings I think. Six is cute but 12 has nice sneakers and number 13 is the coolest.

Cool cows! We had a similar Moose exhibit in Canada, and a Hot exhibit in Bermuda.

Thank you for sharing these with us. I just love number 8.

I love those things! In Raleigh, NC it was wolves (because NC State University is the Wolfpack) and those wolves were all over the city. I especially loved the one that had a clear plastic window to the wolf's stomach, inside of which was the Grandmother!