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Sunday Seven # 4 - Our Chicken at 19 mos


Sunday Seven is a thanks and gratitude meme designed for sharing the good things in our lives.

EM is our miracle child, our biggest blessing. Below are 7 of our most recent photos of our chicken in action.

1. There are two things that EM must always have with her: her favourite stuffed animal, a monkey, and her books.

bunny my honey.jpg

2. EM has recently started weekly playgroups. She’s discovered the joys of being in the driver’s seat.

chicken in car .jpg

3. It’s hard for EM to sit still. Her toys have taken over the main floor of our home.

chicken on a mission.jpg

4. EM is a typical toddler. She’s normally very well behaved. We can still have dinner out at nicer restaurants …

chicken at dinner.jpg

5. We have to remain cognizant of her bed time, or else:

im tired.jpg

6. EM is very independent. She loves discovering new things on her own. Who knew a chalkboard at the church hall could be so engaging?

chicken at chalkboard.jpg

7. EM loves hanging out with her mommy and daddy. The following two pictures were taken this morning, after the Divine Liturgy for Palm Sunday, in our church hall.

xine and chicken.jpg

dev and chicken.jpg

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What a cutie. You are blessed. I'm really hoping our Emma will love to read also.

She's just beautiful (is there an echo in this comments box??)! Look at those strawberry blond curls, what an angel.

she is adorable, she is a blessing. thanks for sharing your lovely family pictures. See you in T13.


what a beautiful family all of you are! She's a cutie, no doubt.

oh, she is *beautiful*!!! and, hey, it never hurts to have a monkey and a book with you at all times: just in case :)

She's a beauty!

What a BEAUTIFUL toddler! Even the one of her crying is precious. Thanks for sharing these pics -- you have so much to be thankful for. Thank you, too, for coming by my blog and taking the time to comment.

What a beautiful little girl you have! I can see how very thankful you are for your little blessing.

She's beautiful! I love your SS and can tell that you have a lovely family! Thank you for stopping by my place. Come by again sometime.

Have a BLESSED week!!

:-) Susan