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List #8 - Unconscious Mutterings


I say … and you think … ?

  1. Groovy :: Austin Powers
  2. Jealousy :: Sappho

    Poem of Jealousy

    That man is peer of the gods, who
    face to face sits listening
    to your sweet speech and lovely

    It is this that rouses a tumult
    in my breast. At mere sight of you
    my voice falters, my tongue
    is broken.

    Straightway, a delicate fire runs in
    my limbs; my eyes
    are blinded and my ears

    Sweat pours out: a trembling hunts
    me down. I grow
    paler than grass and lack little
    of dying.

    * translated by Williams Carlos Williams, 1958

  3. Watching :: Observant

  4. Kenny :: Rogers

  5. Games :: Cranium

  6. Bread :: Homemade

  7. City :: Urban

  8. Stems :: Florist

  9. Birds :: Bats and Butterflies - National Audubon Society

  10. Listener :: The Night Listener (movie)

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Thank you.

Love that poem! Seems we do have some UM in common this week :)

Yeah, I watched and read too many mysteries growing up. LOL!

Thanks for the comment!

yep, two matches! YAY!