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Thursday Thirteen # 7 - "Of zaftig zaddicks drinking coffee with zarfs"


Of zaftig zaddicks drinking coffee with zarfs … 13 weird and wonderful words beginning with the letter Z:

1. zaddik
a just and virtuous person

2. zaftig
pleasingly plump


3. zarf
an ornamental metal holder for a handle-less coffee cup

4. zemblanity
[fr. Zembla, an Arctic island to the N. of Russia once used for nuclear testing]
the inexorable discovery of what we don’t want to know (contrast serendipity)

5. zenzizenzizenzic
the eighth power of a number

6. zerk
[fr. Oscar U. Zerk, American inventor] a grease fitting

7. zetetic
a skeptic

8. zoanthropy
the delusion that one is an animal

9. zob
a weak or contemptible person; a fool

10. zomotherapy
the treatment of disease with a diet of raw meat

11. zucchetto
[It.] (R.C. Church) (also zucchetta, -etto)
the skullcap of an ecclesiastic; the pope’s is white, a cardinal’s red, a bishop’s purple and a priest’s black

RTS 5-5-04 912am.jpg

12. zugzwang
[G.] in chess, when all possible moves weaken the position

13. zumbooruk
a small cannon fired from the back of a camel


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Wow, now I can impress and amaze my friends who drink demitasses by telling them what that metal holder for their cups is called: zarf. Cool!


I guess I'm zaddik and zaftig. LOL.

Interesting list :-) Thanks for dropping by.


what an interesting list. I don't think i can say or even remember no. 5. well done. looking forward to next TT.

This is a great list. I have many adult ADD books on my shelf too! Thanks for visiting my TT.

What a great list! I love obscure words! Thanks for dropping by my TT *last week*. I didn't get a chance to stop back, so I did this time! :) No TT for me this week, though!

I'll have to reply, I'm not fat I'm zaftig. lol

Interesting!! I love new words.

zob, is certainly the best one!

Michael asked, "What disease do we treat with raw meat ?"


Great to see such list!! People made entries related to language this week and i am happy about that!

I love learning new words and I'm definitely going to find some way to use ZOB in conversation this week.

I'd like to think I am a zaddick , haven't seen a zarf in years; I've been known to be a zetetic, but never suffered from zoanthropy, maybe a zob a time or two, but if they try to cure it with zomotherapy, I'll stay a zob!

Fun list!

Your blog and posts are way too much fun! Mahalo for dropping by!

mmm, wonder how many I will be able to use playing qwerty over at pogo. Fun list!

Awesomeness!! I personally love zaftig, I'm going to start calling my cats that instead of the f-word.

Did you take all the words under the letter Z in the dictionary?

I'm having an hard time saying them in my head...Oops!

Whoa. That's some wild stuff you dug up. A cannon fired from the back of a camel? Raw meat therapy?

I'm glad you came by West of Mars, Christine. This was one of those lists I'd have been sorry to miss.

What disease do we treat with raw meat ?

Okay, that was educational! I'm gonna walk around the workplace and call everyone a "zob" now! Thanks!

LOVE the Z words!
Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Can I say no thanks to zomotherapy!? I like sushi but the raw meat thing freaks me a little.

I'll stick to Jelly Bellies and Peanut Butter M&Ms thank u very much!

ROTFL @ zumbooruk! I'm so going to find a way to use that in a sentence...


But can you pronounce it? ;-)

Happy TT! Loved the list!

Awesome! Don't you just love words!? :) Number 5 kills me!

A small cannon fired from the back of a camel? Huh? I just can't picture it... I have more and more questions with every thought about it! ;)

Great list! Happy TT!

Wow, who knew? btw...loved your chickens in love too!

What a marvelous list. Learn something new everyday.

Heh, great list~ how did you find those words?

If the zetetic asks the zaftig zaddik the zenzizenzizenic of the number 8, is he a zob, or just searching for zemblanity?

I just love words. And, boy do I wish I had a zumbooruk!

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Tah, THATS the word I was thinking of yesterday. LOL

I really love your list! The best one I have seen this week!

My TT has movie trivia. See if you can get all 13.

And who says you don't learn something new every day. *g* In this case 13.

I don't think I pronounce most of those!
Thanks for visiting me.

Those can't be real words! I haven't heard of a single one! And thanks for stopping by my Thursday Thirteen #34 The 13 Things You Wish You Could Say At Work Edition.

I got ZERO! And I love Z words ...almost as much as V words...because the zzzzizzz and v words vibrate. I'm going to keep some of these in mind for Scrabble! Thanks!

Great imaginitive, informative list! I personally identify with #2 :)

Those are great works! :) I love the zog! and zoanthropy.... hehehehehe I love reading your lists they are always enjoyable. :) Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I love language! I'm not a native speaker in English, most of the words are new to me. Thanks for sharing!
My TT lists 13 of the cars we owned before our current one.

I dare you to try to use three of those in casual conversation today!

As I said in your response to my Smart Mom TT, you should add Zithromax (and have a couple of extra Z-packs in your medicine cabinet) for those days when you can diagnose the ear infection, but can't get the kid to the doctor!

Oh I can SO now beat my husband at Scrabble!LOL!
Very interesting words. Some of those words are unbelieveable that they would be real. Like the last one zumbooruk!
Loved your Z list!
Happy Thursday!

Great list! Next week's assignment -- "X"!!


Very educational. I think I'm going to use a few of these in every day speech. :P


Sure, take away the "well read" feeling! Great list, I didn't know any of them!

I so need a zumbooruk!


Wow, those are truly words?! That's great!

i'm laffin an laffin!
luv--yer cat frend--jh

Whoa... the only word I know is zaftig. And that's because I speak German.

Interesting entry. It's time to give the letter Z some lovin' :)

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Wow. That's more words that start with z than I've ever heard before in my life. Way to use a dictionary!

That is totally awesome.

what a wonderfully fun list! I love that pleasingly plump picture - too cute.

Thanks for visiting mine! :)

OK, I wonder how many of these I can work into casual conversation tomorrow?

I LOVE THIS LIST!!! Z is my favorite letter and I was surprised not to know a couple of these.

Super :-)

What a fun list! I love to learn new words, and several of the words on your list were brand new to me.

Loved the pics, too!

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog.

??? what's that for a language ??? I have 2 question marks in my eyes !