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Thursday Thirteen # 6 - Yoga for Chickens and Other Things


Before chicken-scratch and little chick press, I never thought much about chickens and their influence on our modern culture. So for this week’s Thursday Thirteen , I share with you thirteen poultry-related things to feed your imagination:

1. It seems that chicken are fitness gurus. For your reading pleasure, I bring you: Yoga for Chickens


2. It seems that chickens are prognosticators. Let me introduce you to Ruprecht, the psychic chicken:


3. We’re all familiar with the ubiquitous rubber chicken. The new kid on the block is the flingshot flying chicken:


4. Chickens, it seems, make wonderful pets:

My bride thinks it would be fun to have a pet chicken.

She wants one that she could put on a leash with a rhinestone collar to make it look cute, and she was wondering if she could take it for walks and how well it would travel should she decide to take it with us when we go on trips. I can just see us going through airport security .

You can read Henry Wolff Jr’s charming article in its entirety here.

6. Perhaps, Henry Wolff Jr’s bride would want to own a White Silkie Hen - like this one:


7. Chickens come in all shapes and sizes. Read all about these Extraordinary Chickens here.


8. Artists draw inspiration from chickens. Katherine Plumer has an entire series of fine art prints, like the ones below:


9. Red Chickens by Govinder Nazran


10. Chicken Run by Elena Gomez


11. Even Picasso was seduced by the majestic Rooster:


12. Chickens have inspired an entire art movement in Dubuque, Iowa. Check out: Operation Chicken Art

13. Sadly, chickens can also be the cause of marital strife: Man shoots chicken, wife shoots man

Man shoots chicken, wife shoots man By Rebecca Nolan The Register-Guard Published: Wednesday, September 6, 2006

CHESHIRE - A woman was charged Tuesday for shooting her husband in the back after he shot her pet chicken, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office said.

Mary Kay Gray, 58, was arraigned Tuesday in Lane County Circuit Court on a charge of felony assault. She was being held in the Lane County Jail.

Her husband, Stanley Edward Gray, 43, was recovering from a single gunshot wound to the shoulder. The chicken died at the scene.

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Cool Chicken Things! I always wanted a chicken, but just to get fresh eggs. Thanks for visiting my blog.


I want a white silkie hen!

sorry it took so long for me to get here...

That is the most interesting T13 I have ever seen. Bar none.

Cute list! I like Slingshot Chicken, myself. Thanks for visiting my blog!

That's a great list! Thanks for visiting my site, and have a terrific weekend!!

I love number 7. I have a weird thing for chickens. I like the odd looking ones, like the Polish Crested.

I'd be interested in knowing why your blog is all chicken. Have you shared that story? I enjoyed the pics with your TT. Mine is also posted but is far from as unique as yours.

There were some odd looking birds there!

This is an interesting list :)

Oh my gosh, I'm SO glad I didn't have chicken for dinner tonight! Now I'm inspired to buy a bird-family animal to replace the recently-deceased family pet rat!

Totally cute! Psychic chicken is my favorite!

Who knew? My dog does yoga, but I thought it was a mammal thing.

That was fantastic!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
Thank you for your visit.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Who knew chickens could be so interesting!!
Great post -- and thanks for visiting my TT...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You win for most original thursday 13 that I have ever seen-- well done!

Too funny!

Great TT!

Thanks for dropping by mine.

Love your list Christine!

I guess the woman who shot her husband in the shoulder, must of really loved that chicken!

I don't think I've ever read anything funnier than "The chicken died at the scene." Hysterical!

Chickens #6 and 7 would make me run screaming in the other direction...

I think that's the only Picasso painting I've ever been able to understand.

Thanks for stopping by my TT! Have a wonderful weekend (I'm off tomorrow so today is my Friday)! :)

Yoga for chickens!? Hilarious! And...impossible, I imagine. I'll have to check that one out. Sounds so funny!

ha ha ha ha... SO funny!

Really a great list!!!

Mine is up as well. A few of my pet peeves.. More of a non-typical rant. (Non-typical for me anyways!)


Have a great day!

What a fun blog!! :)

That was great! I have a thing for things that are chickeny. :)

A chicken on a leash.. hmm, good way to keep your low fat. The white silkie is so pretty. I love to go look at the chickens at the fair.

What a super list - Happy TT

thanks for stopping by my t13, yours is GREAT!

HILARIOUS...this is so weird and funny! I love it!!!

Chickens really are quite versatile, eh?

HILARIOUS...this is so weird and funny! I love it!!!

Chickens really are quite versatile, eh?

This is why I don't eat chicken...I knew the day would come when I would find out that the chicken is more human than I. Love it.

LOL! OMG this is an excellent list... the news article of the wife... and the article of the pet chicken... and then the psychic chicken... tee heee heee you had me snorting a couple of times :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the chuckle.

AHHH, someone else who knows about Extraordinary Chickens! We had the calendar up one year and I swear it was like a bunch of poultry pin-ups. At some point in their lives, everyone must have enjoy a year of these Extraordinary Chickens.

Christine, who learns from who? Thanks for stopping by my list, but my goodness, your list is so cool. I have to visit every one of these links! A city girl moved to the country,it was only last year at the fair I found out that some chickens look like dogs from behind. . .

Okay I love the fitness chicken! LOL.

LMAO! I love your list! There are no chickens where I live in the 'burbs, but my folks have chickens next door who come to visit. I love those little guys! The ones with the little feathery boots are the cutest! Thanks for commenting on my first ever T13. Very nice of you.

Great list -- I love the Picasso.

Wonderful list! I am so-going to check out that Chicken Yoga book!!!

Thanks for stopping by my list. I love your All Chicken list! I now have more respect for this fine animal.

Chickens are awesome!

Now that the weather's decidedly spring-like, I've been aching for some grilled BBQ chicken. You're list just made me crave it that much more. :P

Happy TT! :D

What a great TT list! :) Mine is up now, it was just waiting to post until it was actually Thursday here. Thanks for stopping by even though it wasn't there yet.

Wow! So much effort and thought put into this! Very cool! never knew I could learn more about chicken!

Thanks for stopping by mine!

I have silkies! No white ones, though--mine are silver, partridge (tan/brown/black, very pretty), and grey. Yesterday my chickens laid 23 eggs... anyone want an omelet?

My TT's up!

Oh, I love your list! I love chickens too, truly! I had laying hens at one time and they are really cool animals, love the chicken art!

Happy TT'ing, I'm all about why I love green.


Yoga for chickens? That looks kinda cute actually.

I *LOVE* the extraordinary chicken, #7. He's adorable!!!

LOLOL Very original. Loved it! My favorite is #7, that's a good lookin' chick. And I had no idea about the whole art movement! ;-) Well done.

first time here - found you via TT
as a chicken hobby-farmer, I loved this TT!
to see the pastel colored eggs my girls lay, check out my Wordless Wednesday @
It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

oh, and have you seen "Savage Chickens" the online cartoons by Doug Savage? Poultry has never been so amusing!


Wow - that was interesting. So, did the man want chicken for dinner? And I liked the white silkie - I can see someone wanting that as a pet - like the purse dog craze.

Nice list. Number 6 is sooo cute!

Great list! That took some time to do.

Found my way here through other TTers.

bock bock, what a great list! mine's up!

thanks for dropping by my blog & the comment. :) i love chicken!!! they're the most underrated of the animals. why do they say "you chickened out", are chickens really that scared? but then again what's with the "scaredy cat" phrase?? i guess the chicken & the cat are cousins, just a thought!

How about that!!! wonderful, interesting list. Didn't know even Picasso was a chicken person!
happy tt!

Love your list! Very creative! I am glad I found your blog and thanks for stopping by mine.

cackle, cackle grooh I am all chicken now ! Cute cartoons !

Great TT list. I think the last one was the best. Not only did she shoot her husband, but he was her younger husband. Go girl! lol

My TT is up also.