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Sunday Seven # 2


What am I most thankful for?

1. Waking up to the sound of our little chicken laughing and babbling each morning.

2. Being greeted with “mommmeee” when I come in the door after a long day at work.

3. Finding our kind, patient, loving and extremely capable Nanny to take care of EM.

4. Having EM all to ourselves each weekend and spending quality family time.

5. Attending church as family each Sunday.

6. Eating dinner together as family each evening.

7. Having some “alone time” each week where I can spend time on my creative pursuits.

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What a beautiful list. #7 sounds like heaven.


Well, it's not that I can't stand being with my children. But, sometimes, a little time for yourself gets you away from certain stress or madness, doesn't it?

Have a great week.

Wonderful list of blessings! Cherishing those moments while our children are small is so important! They grow SO quickly! Good for you!

Awww...this is the best list. How wonderful to find the amazing in the ordinary flow of life. Blessing on your wonderful family.

You have many blessings. I always wished that I had had regular evening meals together when my children were little. I just didn't realize how important that was then. It's great that you do that. Great Sunday Seven!

How beautiful. You have much for which to be thankful. Isn't it wonderful?
Thanks for coming by my SS, I loved having you stop my.

What wonderful blessings, indeed! Have you checked my daughter's Sunday Seven? Her blessing sound much like yours. http://sleeplessjuggler.blogspot.com. Thanks for coming by my Sunday Seven and for your birthday wishes for my DH.