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Thursday Thirteen # 4


All about Spirals

The spiral is the most widely recognized and repeated symbol. across cultures. Jung wrote extensively about spirals, as did Joseph Campbell.

A common design element in the natural world, spirals can symbolize our journey to our higher self or the ebb and flow of energy.

Spirals are a prominent symbol in early Christianity. Take the floor of the Chartres Cathedral in France, for example. It is here that the pilgrim can use the labyrinth as a form of meditative prayer, tracing the spiral by slowly walking or crawling its length.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” Joseph Campbell

This week, I bring you 13 captivating images of spirals:

1. 40291989_688035f7fb.jpg

2. 65594480_8dade7658b.jpg

3. 110267681_97595d3845.jpg

4. 119654501_9cf2f58fbe.jpg

5. 254152769_8223b9e4c3.jpg

6. 233811902_aa0fbc1ec9.jpg

7. 149085581_dd9938000f.jpg

8. 254387060_62e4d2c80d.jpg

9. 3596257_5decc463fa.jpg

10. 115018850_d40d5aaef3.jpg

11. 345525907_d751739f30.jpg

12. 93351564_c3d741d5ea.jpg

13. 116064309_390bbf107e.jpg

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Gorgeous TT. Beautiful pictures. Spirals are great in design, I like drawing them as plant tendrils.

What an interesting TT! I love those pictures. I think #8 is my favorite.

Oh God, I think I'm so late :( Thanks for dropping by. And by the way, these images are just AMAZING!

luv, Love, LOVE!!


Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful pictures. I love the one with the stained glass.

Wow, very beautiful pictures!
Thanks for visiting my kitties TT!

That is one clever and amazing TT! Thanks for sharing. I really liked #12.

Those are beautiful! I tend to miss the details of art sometimes. You made me think!

Thanks for visiting my TT!


I absolutely love your list! What a unique idea. Photos are my hands down fave! Thank you.

WOW what a beautiful list. My personal favorite is # 5.

This is one of the coolest lists I've seen yet on TT.

GORGEOUS photos, very cool idea. Thanks for sharing!

Have a blessed weekend. :)

now this is my kinda list, ya learn something and you are visually stimulated

I just can add what all the others wrote too ! (couldn't really comment, ugly spirals, lol)

Thems was da most beeyooteeful photos ever!

Stunning pictures!! What a great list. I'm so glad you shared it. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful Friday.

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, SMART list. I loved this. Thank you. :)

Wow, what beautiful images!

Thank you for stopping by my TT!

What a wonderful list!

Fab photos... great TT

Wow, what an awesome list! Such a great idea! I might just have to "borrow" it! :-) Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a terrific day!

Anything about 'spirals' or 'repeated images'...I just had to come look. Especially this week :D

#12 is gorgeous. Do you happen to know where that is?

Wow! The roses are my favorite. What a visual treat! Happy TT!

That is goregous!! I LOVE the TT because there are SO MANY ways to do it, lol. SO glad it is still up.

What a lovely theme, very creative and I love the pics.

Wow! I am amazed at the creativity of some of you Thursday Thirteeners! These were fascinating pics. My TT is also posted.

Simply Gorgeous pictures. Those are truly beautiful.
Happy Thursday!

Whoa! I almost fell into a few of those!

Fantastic TT! My favorite of this week. Thanks for sharing.

What fantastic and fascinating photos! They really are captivating!

Happy TT and thanks for visiting mine!

This is a really unusual and interesting list. As a photo bug, I think you're example photos are dynamite finds. Great list!

Beautiful! I love them all, but I think #12 (the stained glass) is my favorite. I've always had a soft spot for stained glass!

Happy TT :D

Those are awesome! Really a wonderful TT to look at! Thanks.

I don't know which picture I like the best. They're all great.

What a neat TT. I love the stair cases. Thanks for visiting mine today!

What a great TT! I love the photos, they are all so pretty. I also really liked the quote, and I am still searching for that place. :)

I love the flowers...

Wow! Incredible photographs! I don't think I can select a favorite.

Beautiful! Those are gorgeous spirals. :) Just lovely. :)

Oh, wow! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for putting a smile on my face first thing in the morning!

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Wow, what gorgeous pictures!!! Where on Earth did you find them?

Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by West of Mars. Hope you'll come back over the weekend to read more about Pam.

ooo pretty!! those are really nifty.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful!