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Thursday Thirteen #2


Presenting, in alphabetical order, thirteen of my favourite films :

1. Amélie ~ An imaginative and exhilarating love letter to the romantic in all of us.




3. Chinese Ghost Story ~ A supernatural-action genre complete with ghosts, humour, romance and amazing special effects.

4.Chocolat ~ What happens to a small rural French town when a woman decides to open up a chocolate shop during lent?

5. Europa Europa ~ This complex film is set between 1938 and 1945. Based on the memoirs of Solomon Perel who survived the war through a chain of extraordinary events.


6. Kung Fu Hustle~ Mind boggling special effects, deadpan physical humour and the gleeful mayhem of action movies. Stephen Chow at his best.

7. Like Water for Chocolate~ Based on the best-selling book. In Tita’s kitchen, ordinary spices become a recipe for passion.

like water for chocolate.jpg

8. Mediterraneo~ Won the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award in 1992. During World War II, an Italian platoon arrives on a small Greek island.

9. My Life as a Dog ~ Young Ingemar survives all of life’s knocks by comparing himself to those who are worse off—such as Laika, the little Russian space dog who was rocketed to his death and had nothing to say in the matter. Based on the autobiographical novel by Reidar Jonsson.

10. Rembetiko ~ Based on a true story, this film chronicles 40 years of a popular singers life, starting with the singer’s birth in Smyrna, Turkey in 1917. The history of modern Greece runs parallel to the story.

11. The Pillow Book ~ This film is divided into 10 (book like) chapters. Visually hypnotic. Peter Greenaway at his best.

the pillow book.jpg

12. Wedding in Galilee ~ A Palestinian seeks Israeli permission to waive curfew to give his son a fine wedding. The military governor’s condition is that he and his officers attend. The groom berates his father for agreeing. Women ritually prepare the bride; men prepare the groom. Guests gather. The Arab youths plot violence.

wedding in galilee.jpg

13. Zorba the Greek ~ Basil, a young English writer of Greek ancestry, meets an older, free-spirited Greek peasant named Zorba (Anthony Quinn) on the island of Crete. “A man needs a little madness or else … he never dares to cut the rope and be free.”

zorba the greek.jpg

* A special thank you goes to Novelist in Training for designing such great TT banners.

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Interesting list! I haven't heard of most of them. The only one I've actually seen is Amélie. Good film. Weird, but good.

Happy TT! :)

I love Amelie! Not many people have heard of it, and like you, I found it very charming. One of my favorites.

How interesting! I've never seen any of these before, but they all sound like they would be worth seeing.
Like in a little weekend film-festival with a few good friends.

I liked 2, 4 and 7 too, I'd like to see the rest as well. I've heard that #1 was good, but I never watched it coz the girl in the picture creeped me out, I thought it was a horror. But with so many people recommending it I'll have to give it a chance :D Thanks for dropping by!

That's quite an eclectic list--many I've never heard of (though growing up we had a family joke about Zorba the Greek). I'll have to look them up on Netflix.

I'm sorry to say that the only movie here I've ever seen is Bladerunner. (I saw it for the ump-teenth time about three months ago.)

I'll have to see if Europa Europa is on Netflix, that looks very interesting.

Thanks for stopping by my T13.

Your site is very interesting. I'll be back.

Great list! I've never even heard of most of them. Amelie was good!

I've never seen any of these and have actually only heard of a few of them. I must be uncultured!

Thanks for visiting! You have a very interesting site. I enjoyed this TT and your last one as well.
I'm looking forward to more info about your Egg magazine.

Blade Runner

What a great flic... The movie has a look like no other. Thanks for the TT.


What a wonderful list of films.
The only one I've seen is Water for Chocolate and I absolutely loved it.
I'm going to have to check some of these out, they look really good!
Happy Thursday!

Hmmm, I haven't seen any of those. Maybe some day though?

Well, I have to say I haven't seen any of these movies, but some of them sound pretty good. I'll have to check them out.
Thanks for visiting my list. Happy TT! :-)

I think I haven't seen any of these. I'll have to add them to my Netflix! happy TT, mine's up!

What a great list - I haven't seen any of those movies, but now I know some that I definitely need to check out!

This is my first time visiting your blog. Thanks so much for dropping by mine last night. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't seen one of these films with the exception of Blade Runner and it was so long ago. This is a great list and one that I wrote down a couple of movies I'd like to get my hands on. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

I love that list! Europa Europa is a long-time favorite of mine, too. I'll write down the names of the ones I haven't seen yet. Thanks for stopping by my site.

Hmmmm... I've heard of most of those but haven't seen them. Not even Blade Runner and I love Harrison Ford

Good morning, Christine! This is my first visit to your blog - wonderful list; I see lots of movies I "intended" to watch but haven't gotten around to. Shame on me - I do love Blade Runner and Zorba the Greek, though. Congratulations on your new publishing company! Keep us posted on the progress of the first issue of Egg! Thanks for visiting my blog, and stop in again soon.

Ooooh....Chocolat. Loved that movie!

I haven't seen many of the ones on your list, though, I must confess. But I've always wanted to see Zorba.

Thanks for coming by my TT and entering to win an advance review copy of my book!

Nice range of movies, not mainstream at all. I loved Amelie. Blade Runner was pretty good - I studied it at school so it has that air about it. I didn't know they made a film of Like Water For Chocolate. I loved the book!

What a movie list! I haven't seen even half of those. Thanks for the descriptions and the posters - sounds like I'll need kleenex for a few of them...

I've seen #2 only. Oi.

I haven't seen all of these, but I really enjoyed Amélie. Great film.

I loved Amelie too. I've seen quite few of these you might also like Talk To Her.
Great Post.

I clearly have some movie watching to do! I've seen Blade Runner, and enjoyed it (I'm a huge Harrison Ford fan) but I'm embarrassed to say I haven't seen any of the other movies on your list. *blush*

Thanks for stopping by and happy T13. :)

Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!

I love the Kung Fu Hustle... I can watch it over and over! :)

However... EEP you have "my life as a dog" on your list... Oh man... My parents won 4 tickets to see that movie when it came out. We lived in a town where they didn't know anyone... so my brother and I got those other 2 tickets... I was just a kid... and good lord I HATED having to sit through that movie. *shiver*

I've only seen # 3, I'll have to check out the rest sometime! I know what you mean about TT topics. But you can always look at other peoples lists for ideas!

Amélie, The Bladerunner and Chocolate for me, please!

I confess I haven´t watched Europa Europa, but I promise I will =)

I LOVE Pillow Book! Not many people mention that particular movie let alone add it to a favorites list.

Great list!

I loved Chocolat!

I did a movie one a few weeks ago too, they're fun.

Happy TT!

You listed some of mine favourites as well:
Amélie (music is magical!)
The Pillow Book
Zorba the Greek

Great list indeed!
Thanks for stopping by my TT :)
Cheers from Serbia!

Europa, Europa is an excellent movie. I enjoyed reading your list!

Happy TT to you! Mine's up -- 13 Appalachian Folk Beliefs. :)

Wow, I don't think I've seen any of these but parts of #6. Happy TT!

Great list! Saving the link for movie ideas. I have seen a third on the list and loves it.

Have you seen Memento? I thought that was a great movie too.

I've got to admit, the only movie on this list I've seen is Blade Runner. The book upon which it's based is a bit different, but they're both really good (I saw the movie before reading the story.)

If you haven't already viewed it, let me recommend that you see Jeux d'enfants. Released in English as "Love Me If You Dare", it's what would have happened if Amélie Poulain had followed her obsession to it's logical conclusion.