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Thursday Thirteen #1

Chicken-Scratch - An introduction:

1. The first chapter published from my novel in progress is called “A Lesson in Calligraphy.” In it Magda reflects back on her father, George, teaching her to write Greek when she was a little girl. ~ Want to learn to write beautifully? Pay attention to what a chicken scratches.

When it came to naming my writing blog, the name Chicken-Scratch seemed a natural fit.

2. August 2005 — soon after the birth of our beautiful daughter, we had to find a nick-name for her. Greek custom dictates that a baby be officially named at his/her baptism. We began calling EM Kotopoulo (chicken). My beloved Mama was called chicken by her mother (my yia-yia) as a term of endearment.

We are carrying on the tradition.

3. I am a founding member of Little Chick Press. As part of the Hatch Collective, I am developing an online magazine for new and emerging writers called Egg.

See a pattern developing here?

4. Chicken :: Egg

5. Chicken Scratch :: Writing

6. Egg :: Creativity and (re)birth

7. Chicken-Scratch is divided into chapter and category sections. Travel - go here if you want to read about our trip to Greece and Italy last spring. 13 Things is where you’ll find all my Thursday Thirteen postings. Ephemera - is the catch-all category for postings that don’t fit into any of the 5 main chapters.

8. 33% less fat: this chapter deals with my quest to reach my ideal weight. There are no postings yet. Enough said.

9. Farewell Anatolia: this chapter is all about my beloved Mama. My mother’s family lived in Asia Minor (Turkey) until 1920, in a coastal town called Smyrna (now called Ismir).

10. How to be good: I borrowed this title from Nick Hornby (High Fidelity). Here is where I explore my faith.

11. Songs, psalms and stories: here is where I post my poems and longer, lyric prose pieces.

12. The olive grove: this chapter is about my beloved Dad and my experiences in Greece. As a first generation Greek-Canadian, I often find myself living/thinking between two worlds.

13. I did a google search for “chicken-scratch” earlier this week and discovered that: it’s a form of embroidery (usually on gingham fabric) AND a kind of dance music (also known as waila).

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Thanks for visiting my blog! It led me to you...and you have a very interesting collection of posts! I'm enjoying it!


What an original idea for a first T13. Thanks so much for the kind message you left on my blog. With the state of my recent travels (and I'm still traveling) I can use all the kindness I can get.

Now, tell me more about this Egg 'zine and when we'll be able to view the copy?

Hi Christine,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the whole chicken theme of your blog, your TT and your magazine. You're really creative.

Happy Thursday!


Michele sent me over, Christine.

I never knew that "chicken scratch" meant anything other than very messy handwriting. Embroidery and a form of dance music. Who knew?

Wow! I love the simplicity of your blog and your 13 intro. I love reading about family history, too.

Happy Thursday!

I love the look of the new blog! Continued success and Happy TT!

All of this talk of chickens before breakfast is making me hungry. Now I want an omelette. :-)

Hi, and welcome to Thursday Thirteen! A great list -- I enjoyed reading it -- and I like the look of your blog, too. Very easy on the eyes!

Thanks for visiting my TT! :)

Christine, What a great way to start of your foray into the Thursday Thirteen crowd. I will most definitely be coming back to follow up on the online magazine project.

Welcome to TT! I would love to see Greece and Italy!

Hi! I'm a published author who owns a pet chicken, so looks like your blog was the perfect one to appear before mine on TT! *g*

Have a great Thursday. :)

Hi Christine! What a great Thursday Thirteen - I'll have to check back and get caught up regularly :)

I can't think of any blogging tips right now, other than write as often as feels comfortable, and write for yourself...