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List #4


My Unconscious Mutterings for the week of February 25, 2007. Feel free to play along:

  1. Soldier :: Operative
  2. Lipton :: English Breakfast Tea
  3. Reason:: Raison d’être
  4. Terms :: Civil
  5. Positive :: Affirmation
  6. Example :: Given
  7. Legacy :: Meaningful contribution
  8. Solo :: Singular
  9. Instrument :: Proficiency
  10. Later :: Postponed

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The Operative as in Serenity?

Loved your answer for Reason: Raison d'etre. Cute blog!

Hello, Cute place you've got here! Loved your mutterings :) . Enjoy your week!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is my second time doing this Unconscious Mutterings. I really like it! I love your "Raison d’être." That is a great phrase that, I think, can mean the most when said in French.